Apple Devices Hacked and Held For Ransom in Australia

“Apparently iOS and OS X users are waking up to a message on their phones that says they’ve been locked out, with a brief messaging asking for money, about $50 from PayPal, for the account to be re-opened. It’s still foggy how users are being locked out, but sources speaking with The Sydney Morning Herald suspect it…

An insight into the Keychain

The Keychain is at the centre of pretty much all iOS security. Here are some great posts on working with the Keychain. How to access and view your iCloud Keychain passwords with iOS 7

iOS7 Tips and Techniques

iOS7 has been a fundamental change in the look and feel of apps on the iPhone and iPad. With this latest release of iOS7 there are a plethora of changes that need to be considered and used to make great apps. Here are  a few links for posts that go over the new features. Easily…

iOS icons and artwork

Some great links for iOS artwork and icons for your app Buy 2800+ icons for Windows 8 and iOS 7 Stock Photos André Givenchy icons8 Glyphish iconbeast PixelLove PixelPress TWG SoftIcons